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Work Safely in the Construction Industry

Details of the Course:

Any workers in the construction industry must complete the Work Safely in the Construction Industry course, which provides workers with important information regarding their responsibilities and roles, ensuring safety while working at construction sites. The course provides information on work health and safety legislation, including information on legislation that governs work health and safety. Students also learn how to implement work health and safety on construction sites, which includes risk management, hazard identification and the processes needed to control risks.

This course provides a detailed look at emergencies in the workplace, planning for emergency response and workplace first aid. Workplace injury management, workers compensation and information on returning to work after sustaining an injury is also covered within the Work Safety in the Construction Industry course. Individuals taking the course learn about their own responsibilities in the construction workplace, including compliance with housekeeping, use of amenities, drug use and alcohol use, common personal protection equipment and the use of fire safety equipment. Other required knowledge offered in the course includes common construction safety signage, construction hazards, important evacuation procedures, and general procedures for responding to injuries, incidents and hazards on the job.

Benefits of the Course:

After completing the Work Safely in the Construction Industry course successfully, individuals will be issued a Statement of Attainment for the course, a Statement of Training certificate and a White Card, which is required for work within the construction industry. Individuals who take this course will have the benefit of being well trained in OHS legislative requirements, identification of construction hazards, basic risk management for prevention of illness and injuries and the reporting and communication processes required when responding to or reporting an incident.

This course is offered in one day, which allows individuals to quickly receive the training needed to get their White Card. The full course generally takes 6-7 hours, which makes it easy to complete this training so students can achieve the training needed to be employed within the construction industry. Individuals taking this course are well prepared to deal with basic work safety requirements and guidelines, preparing them to succeed when taking jobs in construction.

This course is delivered by our partners Cairns Truck School, Brisbane Truck School and Jemayd Training.

Prospective Job Opportunities:

  • Construction site managers
  • Construction labourers
  • Construction supervisors
  • Construction surveyors
  • Construction trades persons
  • Construction inspectors
  • Construction suppliers
  • Construction manufacturers
  • Other construction jobs or jobs that may take the individual into a construction environment

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