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Enter and Work in Confined Spaces

Details of the Course:

The Enter and Work in Confined Spaces course is designed to provide workers in the maintenance, construction, mining and building industry with the skills and knowledge needed to understand legislative requirements that are associated with providing a work environment that is safe, specifically within partially and completely confined spaces. The course offers information on entering and working within confined spaces, and offers training on how to plan and prepare to enter confined spaces. It also includes information on entering, working and exciting confined spaces, as well as clean-up procedures.

During the course, students will learn how to locate and apply any relevant procedures, policies and documentation. The students taking this course will also learn to enter and work in confined spaces efficiently, effectively and safely. Students will learn how to choose, wear and care for any personal protective equipment that is applicable to the environment they are working in and the tasks they are undertaking. The course also teaches individuals how to use atmospheric monitoring devices before they enter confined spaces and to use those devices while they are active in the confined space. Other information included in this course includes complying with equipment and site safety requirements, identifying different types of toxic gases and air contaminants, and industry and confined space terminology.

Benefits of the Course:

When students successfully complete the Enter and Work in Confined Spaces course, they’ll have the benefit of being provided with a statement of attainment. After successfully completing this course, students may be able to take further study courses that require this course as a prerequisite. Since this course only lasts a day, students can complete the course and receive the certification they require in a short period of time.

This course combines practical training and theory, providing students with the necessary skills and knowledge required to work in a confined environment safely. Individuals who specifically work in confined spaces, supervisors of individuals working in confined spaces, and individuals who inspect confined spaces will all benefit from taking this course. After completing the course, not only will students understand relevant legislation and important confined space procedures, but they’ll also understand rescue procedures, risk management procedures and other information required for safety in this type of environment.

This course is delivered by our partners Cairns Truck School, Brisbane Truck School, Ticket Training Solutions,and Sheer Workplace Training.

Prospective Job Opportunities:

  • Coal mining
  • General construction
  • Extractive industries
  • Drilling
  • Civil construction
  • Metalliferous mining
  • Maintenance workers

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