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Drive Light Rigid Vehicle

Details of the Course:

To take the Drive Light Rigid Vehicle course, students must have an applicable license for operating a light rigid vehicle. This course provides students with the knowledge and skills that are required to safely drive a light rigid vehicle. This information includes efficient and systematic control of light rigid vehicle functions, monitoring road conditions, monitoring traffic conditions, managing hazardous situations, and management of the vehicle’s condition.

When driving light rigid vehicles, this course will teach students essential information on starting, steering, manoeuvring, positioning and stopping the vehicle in accordance with the instructions from the vehicle manufacturer and traffic regulations. Students will learn to identify and anticipate driving hazards, using defence driving to deal with any potential hazards. The course also teaches students how to operate the vehicle in reverse, how to accurately position the vehicle when backing up, and how to shut down and secure the vehicle according to workplace procedures and traffic regulations. Other information covered in the Drive Light Rigid Vehicle course includes choosing efficient routes, reading the flow of traffic, monitoring road conditions, maintenance for improved vehicle efficiency and performance, and maintaining and updating vehicle records.

Benefits of the Course:

When students successfully complete the Drive Light Rigid Vehicle course, a Statement of Attainment for the Drive Light Rigid Vehicle course will be provided. Completing this unit successfully will offer qualifications required to complete other certifications and training packages, such as a Certificate II in Waste Management or a Certificate III in Military Land Operations. After this course is completed, students will have the benefit of being able to drive all light rigid vehicles, which includes buses and trucks.

Students taking the Drive Light Rigid Vehicle course will benefit from learning many helpful skills, including how to drive on icy or wet roads, how to deal with a fire in a vehicle, driving in flooded areas, driving in foggy conditions and dealing with objects and animals on the road. Other beneficial skills that students will gain from this course include how to drive on work sites, how to drive while at warehouses, bases or depots, and how to drive on open and private roads.

This course is delivered by our partners Cairns Truck School, Brisbane Truck School, Ticket Training Solutions and Jemayd Training.

Prospective Job Opportunities:

  • Waste Driving Operations Jobs
  • Driving Operations Jobs
  • Gas Supply Industry Jobs
  • Traffic Operations Jobs
  • Stevedoring jobs
  • Furniture Removal Jobs
  • Timber Merchandising Jobs
  • Harvesting and Haulage Jobs
  • Forest Growing and Management Jobs
  • Sawmilling and Processing Jobs
  • Waste Management Jobs
  • Automotive Warehousing and Distribution Jobs
  • Military Land Operations Jobs
  • Military Land Engineering Jobs

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