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Drive Heavy Rigid Vehicle

Details of the Course:

The prerequisite for this course is an applicable license for operating a heavy rigid vehicle. This course focuses on training drivers to safely drive heavy rigid vehicles, which are vehicles that have three or more axles and over 8 tonnes GVM. These vehicles may include busses and trucks. This course teaches students how to start, steer, stop, position and manoeuvre a heavy rigid vehicle while following important traffic regulations. Students also learn how to use engine power to improve performance and efficiency while minimising gear and engine damage.

When taking the Drive Heavy Rigid Vehicle Course, students will be taught how to effectively brake when driving a heavy rigid vehicle. They’ll also learn to drive a heavy rigid vehicle in reverse while accurately positioning the vehicle and maintaining good visibility. The course will provide information on overweight and over width permit applications and the regulatory requirements that surround them. Other skills students will learn from this course include driving the heavy rigid vehicle according to traffic and road conditions, maintaining the vehicle with regular checks and inspections, and how to report any irregular or defective malfunctions or performance problems.

Benefits of the Course:

The Drive Heavy Rigid Vehicle course offers students the information needed, both theory and practical, to pass the relevant road test in the heavy rigid vehicle category. After students complete the course with satisfactory assessments, they will be provided with a statement of attainment for the Drive Heavy Rigid Vehicle course. After completing this course, students will have the skills and knowledge required to anticipate and avoid potential crashes, identify and respond to emergency or hazardous driving situations, and develop effective observation and vehicle control skills.

Students that take this course will also benefit from other essential skills for operating and maintaining a heavy rigid vehicle, such as how to change tyres, how to repair tyre punctures, replacing broken fan belts, and replacing broken coolant hoses. Individuals successfully completing this course will be able to drive safely, even when dealing with hazards, such as animals on the road, icy roads, oil on the road, fuel leaks, vehicle fires, wet roads, faulty brakes and in foggy conditions.

This course is delivered by our partners Cairns Truck School, Brisbane Truck School, Ticket Training Solutions and Jemayd Training.

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