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Apply Fatigue Management Strategies

Details of the Course:

Since fatigue is one of the top causes for heavy vehicle accidents within Australia, the Apply Fatigue Management Strategies course is designed to help individuals identify and manage fatigue risks. This course offers compliance information for students involved in the transport chain, offering essential information on their responsibility when it comes to managing fatigue. Students that take this course will be provided with the skills and knowledge to identify fatigue hazards, identify the symptoms of fatigue, take actions to combat problems with fatigue, and to apply strategies that help to minimise the effects of fatigue.

The course provides information on how to identify the causes of fatigue, as well as information on how to minimise the effects of the causes of fatigue according to the company’s procedures. Students will learn to identify their personal fatigue warning signs and will discover steps that can be taken to maintain alertness and effective work capability on the job. Other skills that this course will teach students include procedures to use on the job to minimise fatigue, factors that increase the risk of fatigue-related safety incidents and accidents, fatigue management strategies, and counter measures to use when trying to combat fatigue.

Benefits of the Course:

Participants in the Apply Fatigue Management Strategies course will be given a Statement of Attainment for the apply Fatigue Management Strategies course after successful completion. After completing this course, students will have the skills required to assess, identify, prevent and control workplace hazards that are related to problems with fatigue. Students will have the benefit of learning helpful preventing strategies that can be used at work and in their personal lives to help prevent fatigue.

Once students take the Apply Fatigue Management Strategies, they’ll benefit from being able to monitor the implementation of strategies for fatigue management, they’ll be able to assess staff competence in managing fatigue and will recognise any breaches of fatigue management regulations, procedures and policies.

This course is delivered by our partners Cairns Truck School, Brisbane Truck School, Ticket Training Solutions.

Prospective Job Opportunities:

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  • Marine Vessel Operation Jobs
  • Vehicle Operation Jobs
  • Equipment Operation Jobs
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  • Tram/Light Rail Control Jobs
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